The guiding principle

To be aware of our great responsibility, we feel equally committed to the employees as well as to our customers.

This means that we act as a fair employer on the inside and a honest business partner on the outside. That is where we want ourselves to be measured. Our entrepreneurial activities will strictly follow the valid legal rules and the ethical and moral principles.

We recognized that the way to success is short at best. That is why we are looking specifically at the region for specific strengths and use them in a targeted manner in order to achieve the best possible result.

Our employees are the most important components to our success, their good performance is the "Corporate Identity" of our company.

In principle, our employees must be treated with dignity and respect. Therefore, any kind of discrimination is forbidden in our company. Every employee will be treated equally - neither disadvantaged nor preferred - regardless of their gender, nationality, origin, religion, sexuell orientation or age. This principle will not only apply to the work itself but also to the applications and employments.

In addition, applicable laws and regulations apply to Striewe Zeitarbeit in full. This applies in particular to the labor laws, the Federal Leave Act, the Continued Remuneration Law, the Maternity Protection Act, and in each case the relevant accident prevention regulations. In addition, the Employer’s Liability Insurance Association Regulations apply as the same as the rules from the Social Security Statute Book.

Striewe temporary employment confirms itself clearly and unreservedly to the collective agreement between the IGZ and DGB. Wages which are behind these agreements will be firmly rejected. The salaries of the employees are paid at least once a month. The employees will be informed about the compensation structure.

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