Reduce the workload and increase efficiency at the same time? That is possible with our on-site-management.

Regardless of how individual your demands regarding the personnel requirements are. Embedded in your structures, we will create with our specialists a flexible interface between your company and ours.

On request, our specialists are directly at your location and not only analyze your personnel requirements but at the same time ensure the smooth running of job appointments and the uncomplicated integration of new employees. Naturally we will also gladly take care of additional coordination with further personnel service providers.

Thanks to short communication and information paths, optimum demand planning is guaranteed and the relief of your personnel department is the logical consequence.

Summarized you will benefit from:

  • Relieve your company by taking over all organizational and administrative tasks
  • an ideal requirement planning
  • An accurate and efficient job placement
  • smooth vocational adjustment of new employees
  • short communication and information channels
  • Reduced costs with increasing efficiency

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