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  • Workers act

    The Workers' Demarcation Act allows the general definition of minimum working conditions in the sectors which are transnational and apply equally to nationals and foreigners.

  • license to supply temporary workers

    The possession of a license to supply temporary workers is in Germany mandatory for the operation of personnel leasing. The license to supply temporary workers will at first be granted for one year and can be extended twice for one year each. Usually it will then be granted unlimited. The license to supply temporary workers will be granted from the regional directorate of the Federal Labour Office.

  • Temporary employment act (AÜG)

    The Workers' Leave Act (AÜG) controls the process and legal framework of the temporary employment in Germany.

  • employment service

    The Fall of the Federal Labour Offices’ monopoly of placement was in August 1994. Following more and more companies that specialized in staffing services included that in their portfolio. That is easy because the merely personnel placement is a part or step in the temporary employment.

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